The Anatomy of Style


This course is designed as a comprehensive character design crash-course to help you learn and hit the ground running. You’ll get to experience my creative process from start to finish as I design the plucky cast of Zombie Bounty Hunters. I’ll explain every step along the way, so that you can walk away knowing the reasons behind each of my methods, and how you can use them yourself.

Over the course of four lessons, you’ll learn a holistic approach to character design that will give you new ways to think about your characters’ backstories, structure, anatomy, and much more!

What you will learn

1. Understanding your characters
Who are they? What are their motivations for what they do? We’ll think about all of that and more in this course.
2. Working with gesture
Gesture can convey a lot about a character, and you’ll learn how to work with it properly.
3. Developing back stories
Who are your characters? What motivates them? Learn how to develop compelling backstories.
4. A holistic approach
Learn how to keep multiple things in mind while designing your characters, and notice how they work together.
5. Working with structure
Learn the importance of structure in character development, and how to design well-structured characters!
6. The importance of anatomy
Learn how crucial an understanding of anatomy is, even when designing highly stylized characters.
7. Turning anatomy into cartoon lines
I’ll show you how to take your understanding of anatomy and apply it to cartoons.
8. What makes a character young and old
Learn what features indicate youth and age, and how to adjust them as needed.
9. Defining feminine curves on a face
See the way curves can add or define a character’s femininity.
10. The importance of line qualities
Learn to pay even closer attention to your lines and understand the purpose each one plays in your design.
11. Taking control
Learn how to make the difficult definitive artistic decisions.
12. Professional presentation
Learn how to create professional quality work that is ready to be shown to family and industry professionals alike.
13. Creating a premise
Where are your characters? What are they doing and why are they doing it? I’ll show you how to explore this and more.


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