How to Draw Fantasy Female Figures


Learn the unique methods to demystify the art of drawing fantasy female figures from basic construction all the way to finished render. Includes fourteen hours of incredible insights from a master of fantasy art!

What you will learn

1. Gesture
We’ll cover short poses, how you can interpret reference, drawing gestural hands, and the difference between structure and gesture.
2. Structure
You’ll study and learn the structure of the female torso and how to build muscle on top of it! You’ll also explore how to bend and stretch the structure of the body for your drawings.
3. Storytelling
Learn the importance of bringing fantasy to your drawings! You’ll learn about allegory and metaphors and how to incorporate a backstory with your female figures along with incorporating fantasy elements.
4. Anatomy
Discover how to draw the human body as an emotional force and with anatomical accuracy. This includes learning about the structure of the head, torso, hips and more!
5. The Head
We’ll cover how to draw difficult head angles. You’ll also learn how to simplify the head and get info on the Frazetta head.
6. A World of Fantasy and Imagination
We’ll go over elements of adding magic to your female figures. This includes balancing values, holistic gestures, flowing fantasy elements, adding jewelry and playing with hair design.
7. Figure Drawing Exercises
I’ll go over a variety of ways to help you practice this material. This includes quick sketching, tackling long structure drawings, iterations, learning when to stop a drawing and drawing at the speed of thought.


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