How to Draw Animal Characters


As a freelance 2D-artist, Mitch Leeuwe is a specialist in visual development, character design and creating environments for animation (feature and television), games (mobile and console), toys, comics, theme parks, and media.

Mitch’s work is inspired by the cartoons, games, and animated movies from his childhood. Since 2005 he has built up experience by working for agencies, game studios, and animation studios. Besides his work as a freelance artist, Mitch also teaches online drawing classes about different aspects of drawing. These lessons and eBooks are accessible for everybody, no matter what your level of drawing is.

This course contains 2 ebooks packed with tutorials + more than 6 hours of video content on drawing regular and anthropomorphic animal characters. In the ebook ‘how to draw animals’, you will start really basic and go more in-depth along the way. This makes this ebook interesting for both beginners and more experienced artists. Animals come in many shapes, sizes, and species which makes them fun to draw. The ebooks also contain exercises you can do to learn even more. You can follow this course either just with paper and pencil or with a tablet or pc.


Construction, line of action, turnaround, line ups, portfolio tips, basic anatomy, tons of animals to draw, and way more!

Video tutorial of 6 + hours, covering the content of the book. Mitch will show you how he draws them and goes through the ebook to give tips about what kind of exercises you can do to improve your animal drawings.

The ebook is a PDF file with 200+ pages (or 100+ double pages in PDF).

What you will learn

1. Construction
2. Line of Action
3. Turnarounds
4. Line Ups
5. Portfolio Tips
6. Basic Anatomy
7. Animal Variety


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